My Mission

My mission is to ensure that the Bellingham School District keeps our small neighborhood schools OPEN, and provides support and operating funds for our existing neighborhood schools.

I believe that small neighborhood schools are a necessary part of our community.  I pledge that I will work hard in a transparent fashion to save our neighborhood schools.  Effective education happens when teachers, students, and parents work together.

Join me in the fight to SAVE small neighborhood schools in Bellingham.


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John Blethen for School Board.

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John Blethen for School Board

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Our schools are the glue that hold neighborhoods together.

Research supports that small schools are more effective for children, especially children living in low income households, academically and socially.

Small schools lead to higher attendance, greater self esteem, better grades, and higher academic achievement.

Neighborhood schools cultivate critical thinking and encourage parent involvement.  This is essential to community building.

Small Neighborhood Schools

·       Teaching & learning is about personal relationships. Small schools create more of these.

·       Increased sense of belonging increases teacher and student morale

·       Improved academic achievement and student involvement/participation

·       Of all educational levels, small schools most positively impact elementary age students.

·       Increased parent involvement- parents are less intimated to come to a small school.

The Lives We Impact

August 6, 2013

Primary School Board Election

Upcoming Events

John Blethen

for Bellingham School Board

November 2013

General Election

·        Students from disadvantaged backgrounds tend to do better in smaller schools.

·       More intimate and personalized learning environment

·       Small schools foster walkable neighborhoods and become a neighborhood gathering place.

·       Small schools generally lower dropout rates down the road (a district goal).

·       Small schools have better student attendance.

John Blethen

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